How to find interracial people?

Do not try to bend the spoon, that's impossible.



Don't you hate letting rip a fart in the privacy of your cube, only to have someone walk in half a minute later and both of you pretend you don't smell anything?

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I am a new woman. But first, Maui!

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Holy shit, I am getting married next Saturday. Marc's mother comes this weekend and I'll be attending my bachelorette. Already! Number one feeling right now? Freaking over logistics how predictable. I really need to chill.

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! You better not piss me off at my wedding.

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Last night, I had another hankering for White Castle burgers and ate five cheeseburger slyders, one chicken sandwich, and french fries and onion rings. Once again, I felt compelled to drip Dave's Temporary Insanity Sauce over the fluffy little bun. And guess what? I haven't pooped since, and it's been over 30 hours. I don't know which sensation's worse - clenching my cheeks to prevent public and embarassing spillage or constipation. When I sit on the can, my stomach hurts and despite all the pushing, the only things that seep out are some odorous farts. Damn, they smell bad, like onions. All day today, I've been cutting loose these onion farts. Now I'm going to try to go to sleep, and hope that with tomorrow's sun will come a long satisfying dump.

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Yesterday, after my daily run along the water, I held the elevator door open for an unknown asian or latina girl. When the doors closed and we were alone, she spoke up.

Girl: You lost a lot of weight!
Me: (Thinking she thinks I'm someone else) Oh really.
Girl: Yes, you have!
Me: (Not sure what to say)
Girl: I've noticed you a few months ago. I see you running all the time. My husband, he says he always sees you at the gym.

I knew she meant it as a compliment but I was kinda put off by her forwardness. First, I thought it was weird that she and her husband notice me exercising all the time. And for the record, I run to deal with my daily frustrations from work, not because I am terribly concerned about losing weight. Second, it seemed like the type of comment you would make to a friend or family member and not to a complete stranger. Not wanting to be a bitch about it, I thanked her for her observation and was somewhat relieved when she stepped out onto her floor.

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Mmmm. I just experienced my first burger. I'm not sure if my stomach's hurting from that greasy goodness or the Temporary Insanity Sauce from . I'm usually a big fan of hot sauce; I dump loads of it onto my food, but I couldn't take more than a couple drops of that shit. I've learned to make a distinction. It's not enough to be painfully spicy. It's gotta have great flavor as well. The Temporary Insanity Sauce tasted bitter and hurt like hell. Ugh.

I'm not sure we'll be returning to WC either. I'm not sure what the other establishments are like, but the one we went to hosted extremely ghetto-ass sour-smelling people and bullet-proof glass.

Oh, btw, the bridal shower was very eh. Basically I sat around politely while my mom and her friends discussed embarassing subjects. Not to mention having to open a suitcase that contained lingerie and condoms. Not my idea of fun but the hostess really did put a lot of effort into the day and I did appreciate it.
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